Learn How
Hosted PBX Solutions
Can Support Your Business

With live quality monitoring, built in redundancy and an uptime service guarantee the Avalo Hosted PBX has all of the benefits you need to easily and confidently deliver high-quality voice and Unified Communications across the enterprise.

Hosted PBX packages, telephony and UC features built into one of the most comprehensive UCaaS offerings in the marketplace. With Hosted PBX you can alleviate the costs of buying, managing and upgrading expensive phone lines, systems and software.

Helping Your Business
Find Its Voice

Today’s businesses must be able to effectively communicate efficiently and deserve a phone system that offers simplicity, security and stability.

Experience Unparalleled Productivity

At Avalo Enterprise, we designed our Hosted PBX with the end user in mind, building out the features that are most needed. High Definition audio quality, collaborative, intuitive interfaces, SMS and conference capabilities allow users to work efficiently, effectively and easily, and are just a few of the features we can deliver based on your business needs.

What Is
Cloud-Based PBX

You may hear a few different terms — IP PBX, Cloud-Based PBX, Hosted PBX — they all mean the same thing! A cloud PBX (private branch exchange) is a telephony solution that is completely housed, managed and accessed through the internet by cloud technology, rather than hardware, owned by the user.

A cloud-based PBX is more adaptable, scalable and customizable, proving it to be an intelligent choice for growing businesses with an ever-changing list of demands.

Managing your Account is easy

Avalo Enterprise makes managing your Hosted PBX easy. Our web interface simplifies complex tasks into easy to understand “apps”. Call routing, auto attendants, user management, all handled with just a few clicks.

Avalo Enterprise connects teams like never before.

Our UC suite supports a diverse range of business applications and powers global collaboration, in real-time. Our intuitive communication tools offer a best in class user experience for audio conferencing, web conferencing, virtual meetings, screen sharing and more – all on one secure platform.


Update and control your phone system in real time from any internet enabled device using our portal. Unlike traditional PBX systems, new features are added seamlessly without needing new equipment. Cloud-based PBX allows organizations to expand without limitations.


Cloud-based technology eliminates the need for bulky hardware, meaning your employees can work from anywhere, using their preferred device.


Enjoy a highly flexible, and easily configurable interface, which allows you to manage the capacity as your business grows and changes.


Cloud-based systems are housed in several datacenters that offer redundancy and survivability odds should, an outage occur. This paired with our proprietary network ensures maximum uptime.